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Student Writers - Research, Write, Rant & Rail

We are looking for college student writers and recent graduates who are interesting in getting published. We are willing to help, coach and edit the work. We ask that writers tell us what they would like to write about before they start. We are not offering pay, but we will provide credit and a link back to the writer's home page. We want you to express yourself about the things you know and the things that interest you. Go ahead, write something about your interests, your school, student life, your major, your work, dating, hobbies, sports, rant or whatever. If you prefer we can assign a story to you. For more information see the guidelines below or to the right.

To apply or ask questions about this program please contact us using our form:

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Your Name:

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School or Company:

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Writing Experience:

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Writing Guidelines:

If you are interested in getting published on StudentNow.Com, please carefully read the following:

There are generally two ways that articles originate at StudentNow.Com College Life:

(1) A writer submits an idea about something in which the writer has an interest and/or experience. We are looking for writers with an active interest in their world, that includes majors, music, movies, hobbies, travel, sports, school issues, dating and more. We will take into account whether or not the material would be of interest to college & university students. Being passionate about your subject matter is a plus. Don't be afraid to suggest something.

(2) If a writer prefers, we will also make assignments based on the strengths and experience of the writer.

To make a submission:

(1) Use the form below to tell us about your idea in a few sentences. Also tell us why you think you are qualified to write the story (don't worry, we are mainly looking for interest or passion about the subject). If you intend to interview or cite sources, please let use know about them. If you do not have a specific idea we are happy to assign one.

(2) Tell us a bit about yourself: What school are you in or have recently graduated: What is/was your major and key areas or study: What are your special interests: What is your age: What if any writing experience you have:

(3) Do not send finished articles yet. We will only read queries of the above format.

(4) We will review your query. We may make suggestions or we may approve the story. If we have approved an approach for a story we expect:

(a) The story to be written based or personal experience, quotes or sources.
(b) All information to be correct and attributable.
(c) No article will be accepted that are found to be libelous, defamatory, racist, sexist, immoral or that breaks local and
national laws.
(d) We are open to opinionated stories as long as it is clear that the material submitted is the opinion of the author.
(e) All written graphic and photographic material must not infringe on any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights. This means that the work must be entirely created and owned by you. It means that photos must have signed model releases.
(f) We will expect writers to sign a release that grants StudentNow a license to publish and display material.
(g) Currently we offer writers a link back to their personal homepage or resume, providing that the material on the homepage is not offensive, pornographic, racist, sexists, or hateful.
(h) Please copy edit your work before submitting. Please check for proper spelling, grammar, an accuracy of quote or facts.
(j) Along with the story we will include your name, university affiliation and a link to your home page.
(k) We reserve the right to edit the story for consistency, accuracy and readability.
(i) It may be helpful to provide a few relevant Web links with the story.
(j) We would like StudentNow to help you get good experience and have fun at the same time.


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