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The first thing to consider is any requirements for your school and your particular major. It is wise to get many requirements out of the way early in your career, but don't over do it. You have to find the right balance and load for you. Make sure that you have a balance of classes that you must take versus classes that you want to take (those classes that are fun, interesting or exciting). Finding a balance will keep you from getting bored and burning out. As you look at the required classes that are available, you should first find out if some classes are offered infrequently. If those are required or seem interesting to you, then you should try to arrange your schedule around those classes.

Equally important are classes that are part of a sequence where you have to take one class before you can take the next one, etc. Examples of this include language, math and science classes. These classes need to be a priority in your scheduling. Once you have found several classes that are required, you can block those times out in your schedule. You may have to choose between several classes. There may be a number of elective classes that you could consider, from both within and outside of your major. It is important to consult a counselor to see that you are on track to graduate and fulfil requirements for graduate school.

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