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Travel Suggestions

Suggestion One: Just Go For It !

How many times have you thought about going river rafting, bike touring or rock climbing? Think of the adventures that you've daydreamed about and just pick one. Then try our adventure travel search engine to help you plan your trip. Search Adventure Travel . Guides Travels Along the Edge : 40 Ultimate Adventures for the Modern Nomad from Crossing the Sahara to Bicycling Through Vietnam (Vintage Departures) - Adventures to Imagine : Thrilling Escapes in North America (1st Ed)

Suggestion Two: Asia Action

Tour Asia. See everything from beaches to Buddha, Hong Kong to Thailand. Some guide book to help: Asia Through The Back Door - Let's Go the Budget Guide to Southeast Asia

Suggestion Three: Eat Your Way Across America

Take a Road Trip around the Theme of Food. Visit the weirdest, coolest and kitchiest places. This is a great budget trip. Inbetween meals, have a blast exploring without any pressure to see important sites (because you are on a food tour). Some guide book to help: Eat Your Way Across the USA : 500 Diners, Lobster Shacks, Buffets, Pie Palaces, and Other All-American Eateries - Rand McNally 98 Deluxe Road Atlas & Travel Guide: United States, Canada, Mexico. - Lonely Planet Drive Thru America

Suggestion Four: Historic Perspective

Tour Colonial America from an historic perspective. Get a sense of colonial America and learn about American History. There are historic buildings, historic walks, historic houses, and a sense of history. Guides: Colonial America a Traveler's Guide : A Traveler's Guide (Discover Historic America) - Historic Coastal New England : People, Places, and Attractions from Greenwich to Kennebunkport

Suggestion Five: ' Dam it

Visit Amsterdam, the historic dutch city that on of the ultimate student travel desintion. For more information visit our feature: Destination Amsterdam. Some guide book to help: Amsterdam Scene - Lonely Planet Amsterdam - Frommer's Amsterdam by Night

Suggestion Six: Throw Darts at the World

Throw three darts at a map. Chose the most interesting of these choices to visit. (Be sure to research the place to find out if it is safe to visit.)

When you've settled on your random desitnation, save money by getting your tickets at:

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Suggestion Seven: Eurail it

Get a Eurail Pass and travel through Europe. Explore Europe on a limited budget. Make a list of everyone you know in Europe. Make a list of the places you want to see most. Read some guide books to help you . Then plot it all on a map and take trains from place to place. Eurail Passes offer unlimited travel in 17 participating countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. You can buy Eurail Discount Youth Passes online at : I-Sea-Air Discount Rail Passes .

Some guide books that will help: Eurail and Train Travel Guide to Europe - Lets Go Budget Guide to Europe - Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door - First-Time Europe : A Rough Guide Special - Europe by Eurail : How to Tour Europe by Train

Suggestion Eight: Ski from a Hat

Instead of visting the same old ski or snowboard resort you go to every season, make a list of ski resorts and cut-up the names into separate pieces of paper. Then put them into a hat, and pick a ski resort. Then spend some extra time planning your trip.
Book a Flight for your ski trip. For your convenience, here is a place online to: Buy Skiing & Snowboarding Products. Guides : The Snowboard Guide : North America - - The Good Skiing and Snowboarding Guide 1998 : The Essential Guide to What's What and Where's Where in 500 Ski Resorts Across Five Continents - - Skiing on a Budget : Moneywise Tips and Deals on Lift Tickets, Lodging, Equipment and More


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