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Background Check

Ever felt worried about someone? Not quite sure about who you were dealing with? Suspicious that something might be horribly wrong -- but not sure what? In the old days, you had few choices except hiring an expensive investigator or living with the nagging doubt. The Internet was supposed to change all that, providing access to the kind of information that would replace fear with security.

Well, it didn't. For all the efforts to create a confidence infrastructure in cyberspace, there still hasn't been a bridge to the mundane, everyday world of security and law enforcement that has been around for decades.

Until now. And that's where CASE BREAKERS comes in. The Internet-based research platform puts a surprisingly powerful resource at the fingertips of internet users everywhere: the vast database which is stored, spaghetti-like, across various county, state, and federal criminal related records.

Case Breakers takes the world of criminal background checks and other basic off-line security data, and makes it accessible through an easy-to-use web interface. Private investigator material only? Hardly. The Case Breakers access service is the most basic form of background check around, letting anyone verify the credibility of the people they meet -- offline or online.

That's what makes the Case Breakers offering unique -- and the company knows it. The site itself features online ordering and delivery of background reports, password-secure access, and a secure personalized report folder where users can save or delete their reports.

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