Famous Last Words... For Freshmen
By Jayce Dean Scott

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Famous Last Words: Here are some words of wisdom for freshmen...

Author Jayce Dean Scott has over 15 years' experience as a College Advisor, Educational Consultant, and Public Speaker. He has worked with over 4,000 students with organizational leadership, career
counseling, crisis mediation and college lifestyle coaching. He has
also been the author of over 150 non-profit fiscal development
proposals for organizations ranging from the Houston Symphony to the
National Endowment for the Arts.

Ever heard the saying about a road to somewhere being paved with good intentions? I am pretty sure you also recall something about hindsight being 20/20. These are the great words of wisdom that parents use on youth. As maturing a adult, you will still need them on your collegiate life highway, where you will be laying your share of good intentions asphalt and looking back with perfect and corrected vision. During all this roadwork you will also make use of many a F.L.W. or the infamous, Famous Last Word.
As new fads and fashions dictate, some F.L.W. wax and wane while others pop out to match the fast living life of a college student. Today’s fresh-faced freshmen have adapted the F.L.W. to suit their own emotional and physical needs. After all, the F.L.W. is a college student’s right to use when and how they see fit.
On the path of a college student you will have opportunities galore to use the F.L.W. by putting your foot in your mouth, getting the last laugh, having your say and generally doing something that will embarrass you later in life…ah good times!
Freshmen Famous Last Words:
“I could have sworn I had twenty dollars in my account.”
Usually heard in front of an ATM or upon receiving bounced check notice.
“Don't worry...I'll pay you back.”
“During the break I will catch up.”
Again, right!
“Forget this. I will skip this chart…there is no way it will be on the test”
It ended up being 50% of the exam.
“Going potluck or rooming with your best friend will probably be ok.”
Setting yourself up for years of therapy or an episode of the X-Roommate files…
“I aced that exam!”
Funny how ace comes to mean a grade of C.
“I am going to start going to bed earlier.”
It was a nice thought though.
“I just have to make an A on the final to pass.”
This is a personal favorite of mine. I love to see students calculating, refiguring and yet again computing what is needed in order to get the grade they want or desperately need.

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