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Millennium University

Excerpted for your enjoyment -read the following journal entry about Millennium U. from Howell Norfolk's millennium Report:

Millennium U.

While waiting in the dentist's office (Dr. Waru let's you camp in his office a good while until your teeth get used to the idea that they may remain there after you do) I picked up this terrific catalog for Millennium learning. I will abbreviate the course descriptions to save time but in some cases write them out because they are so good and because Sleepless Dave thought I should.

Millennium U. is dedicated to discovery. Discover yourself, develop an eye for the obvious, and never again be a victim of The Force Beyond Your Control as well as allergies, neural disorder, or cold sores. Remember: The millennium is for you, or someone who looks just like you. Investors welcome.


Cloning: Its You !

This exciting class looks at the fascinating future for cloning. Now anyone can understand the complex science behind this new field by taking the three sections of Cloning: Its You! Beginning Cloning starts you off with the amazing world of mirrors and how to use them to make exact virtual duplicates of yourself; Intermediate Cloning gives you hands-on experience with copy machines (an important job enhancing skill as well); and Advanced Cloning where students will visit petting zoos, talk to the experts, experiment with fertility drugs, and meet twins (and triplets, time permitting.)

Black Holes and How to Make Them

This brief overview and hands-on class introduces students to dark places and how to make them. Entry level skills guaranteed. Bring a blindfold.

UFO's and How to Identify Them

Who put the U in UFO? Not you after this class!


The History of Intuition

Ever wonder how our ancestors discovered they had insight? Take this class and learn the ancient secrets of second guessing.

The Story of Hallucination

A one semester look at how we have learned to create reality and call it names. Bring a helmet.

Urban Archeology: Trash Picking Your Way to Wealth

Now you will be able to pick through the neighbors' stuff with impunity. Bring gloves, a big floppy hat and cargo pants.



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