College Lingo 2: More New Vocabulary
By Jayce Dean Scott

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Continued: College Lingo 2
Chilling like a villain - to be relaxing or doing nothing
Citizen's arrest - to take away a drunken person's
car keys
Crash - to rest or sleep  
D&D - Doritos and Dew - quick, snack filled breakfast
Damien – mean or evil student
Dawg/dog - friend; usually male
Dawgette - friend; always female
Dinosaur - something or someone out of date
Dis - to disrespect or blow off
Drama - dating two or more people at the same time
Frisbee - the sport or the day old pizza
Funky Cole Medina - an intoxicated student flirting
with anyone and anybody
Greek freak - someone who lives, eats and
breathes the Greek way of life
Grode file - a collection of porn magazines in a boy's dorm
Hella - very or intense  
Hibernator - student who spends more time asleep
then anything else
Hotti - an attractive person
Humping It - To go out on a Wednesday night
Kegs and eggs – morning party probably before a football game or tailgate
Lung candy – cigarettes

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