Distance Education
By Sandra L. Dorociak

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I have taken Distance Education classes from two different universities. One was a disaster but I think the problem lay with the instructor not the school itself. The class was done entirely on computer. The instructor gave assignments, and divided the students into groups. We were encouraged to help one another along with critiquing certain lessons. The assignments for the advanced writing class were filled with errors, misspelled words, missing parts, or parts that should never have been there to begin with. The instructor accused one of the students with editing portions of her lessons. When we wrote and asked for clarification our questions were met with either silence or insults. We were assigned to read very distasteful literature... Well, Iím sure you get the picture. About five weeks into the class, I had enough and dropped the class, as did several other students. Fortunately, a portion of our tuition was refunded. I am now taking the same class from another university and it is great.

Because of my husbands job, we are currently living in The Republic of South Korea. I am enrolled at the University of Maryland, Asian Division. I combine both on campus and Distance Education classes and it is working well. My credits from Distance Education courses will transfer to Maryland without any problems.

If you are interested in pursuing Distance Education, the first consideration must be to apply to a college or university that is accredited and has the curriculum needed. Thirty-three per cent of all higher education institutions offered distance education classes as of 1995 and more are being added yearly.

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